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    Green-wild resort (LiYu Lake camping site)
    Green-wild resort has a boundless grass lawn, the sound of Cicada,ample hall and performance area. we have rock-climbing, giant stairs,big swing, high altitude rope net and skypassway utilities ,
    especially the fairy tale like small wood camping houses. all this utilities combine into the bautiful mountains and the green land, add more pleasant nature atmosphere.

    Welcome lounge
    Grand spectacular lounge, you can feel the dynamic and energy after you step in.

    Indoor performance area
    First hall is lighting performing area, the night show will be held here. second hall is the aboriginal culture performance hall also very great.

    Camping log cabin
    We have 100 more log cabins in our camping area about 24.7 acres,including camping desks and chairs, cooking ounter, camping facilities. All cabins have 2 types, and each cabin can allow 8 people to sleep in.

    We have 3 clean toilets, hot shower, boy and girl are divided in different areas.

    Outdoor space
    Wide lawn, we can see Rhinoceros beetles and Stag beetles sucking tree juice in the forest at night.

    High Rope Course & Adventure Park
    That includes low altitude steel rope passway experiencing area, high altitude skypassway, rock-climbing platform, giant stairs, net ropes ,the big swing. we using continous belay system to secure the safty of every player. the activities are suitable for families and school Field Trips.

    Neighboring tourist spots
    Li Yu Lake covers an area of 290 acres, it's a Landslide dam made by ancient Ton-Lan river, the government made this place in which we can boating, walking and bicycling. it's a multifunction resort. the total length of the bike lane is 5 km, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way. there are also many traces in the Li Yu mountains, it's a best place to enjoy the forest bath ,bird watching and flower viewing.

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